P o r t   C i t y   H o c k e y   C l u b - ESTABLISHED SINCE 1984
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NEXT CLUB MEETING - The third Monday of each month at Port City Bowling Club from 6pm onwards

Our Playing Club

Port City Hockey Club is located in Port Macquarie on the beautiful Mid-North Coast of NSW. We are one of the largest hockey clubs in the Port Macquarie region with over 90 registered senior players and officials in eight different teams and over 80 juniors playing in the junior league.

Port City Hockey Club plays in Port Macquarie every day throughout the week during the winter hockey season. All of our teams play locally in Port Macquarie at the Ocean Drive Hockey Complex. 

We currently field teams in all divisions and age groups across both genders - ranging from A Division down to Under 7's and  Minkey's.

Senior Hockey is split into a Men's and Women's competition and is played over A, B and C Divisions. Playing days are usually;
  • Wednesday nights for Women's C Division,
  • Friday nights for Men's C Division, and 
  • Saturday Afternoons and evenings for Men's and Women's A and B Division.

The junior competition is graded into 6 age groups being; Minkey's (Under 5's), U7's, U9's, U11's, U 13's and U16's. Apart from U13's AND U16's, all junior hockey is based on a modified format of the traditional game. Playing days are generally Saturday mornings ad with the second field coming on-line in 2017 under U16's will be on Saturday's as well. All matches and training is fully supervised by adult members of our club.

If you are looking for a hockey club to join in the Port Macquarie area then contact us now for more details...!!!  

Our History

Port City Hockey Club has a history dating back to the early 1980's in Port Macquarie when we were known as the Settlers Inn Hockey Club. Back then we were all running around on grass pitches with wooden sticks and had to second guess the bounce of the ball.

1995 saw the official opening of our new artificial sand based turf on Ocean Drive Port Macquarie with an upgrade completed early in 2012. A huge debt is owed to the likes of Ken Howell and the late Geoff Luland, among others, for their efforts in getting the turf constructed in Port Macquarie. The local member for Lyne Rob Oakeshott along with the Port Macquarie Hastings Council were instrumental in securing funds for the 2012 upgrade. The competition and our skills have evolved ever since into today's modern style of hockey.

During 2005, we parted ways with the Settlers Inn as major sponsors and also lost the name. There were a few other attempts at sponsorship and new names but Town Green Inn finally became our new major sponsors and with it a new name, Port City Hockey Club.

Since those early days as "Settlers" and now more recently as "Port City," we have maintained our family friendly attitude to hockey in Port Macquarie.

The Champions of our Club

Office Bearers and Members of Note since 1984